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Flics International is a leading Moissanite Diamonds Manufacturer and platform for you to Buy Moissanite Diamonds. We are one of the biggest Moissanite Diamonds Exporter and Moissanite Rough Supplier from India.

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Free Shipping Worldwide

When doing any order with Flics we offer you worldwide free shipping on all order more than 100 Caret. Below 100 Caret shipping is chargable for any order

Diamond Insurance

When you Buy Moissanite Diamonds from Flics International you are covered with 100% insurance on all your diamonds

Certifications of Diamonds

All our Moissanite Diamonds Manufacturer covered with legal certification so our buyer can make trust with Flics.

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Fill this form to get in touch for your any requirement of Buy Moissanite Diamonds from Flics International. We are leading Moissanite Diamonds Manufacturer from Surat located in India. We are one of the leaders in Moissanite Diamonds Exporter and Moissanite Rough Supplier in today’s market.

Choose your Shape and we will shape it for you in a Diamond. Working with Flics is flexible

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

“Thank you so so much for the Diamonds. They look absolutely beautiful, and we love them. We really, REALLY appreciate everything. From the quality of the rings to the incredible service with a personal touch, we could not be happier. Thanks again!”


Lisbon, Portugal

“Flics is amazing. Their customer service was incredible. They worked hard to deliver the exact product that we wanted. Flics is not just an ethical company. They are also a company with unparalleled service. I had a great experience with them, and I highly recommend them.”


New York, United State

“I am 100% satisfied with the delivery of diamonds these guys did! Best thing is that I was forgot to order diamond eary on my engagement but these guys did very urgent shipment and best delivery to Argentina and I got it on time. Love you guys!!”

Barbara P.

Mendoza, Argentina

The range of our

Moissanite Diamonds

Here is a list of what we do in the name of Moissanite Diamonds Manufacturer









Apart from this, we manufacture Moissanite Diamond in more than 32 Types of shape!

Our Moissanite Catalogue

Samples of our Moissanite Diamond Manufacturer catalogue

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions asked by customers while Buy Moissanite Diamonds

What will I get with my order for buy moissanite diamonds?

We will ship your diamond as per your requirement and if you have requested IGI certification then we will attach and include a hard copy of IGI certification for that moissanite diamond. 

Will I get certificate with my order of moissanite diamond?

By Default, We do not attach any certificate for any moissanite diamond we sell, But the customer can request for certification which is chargeable. But this can give you genuine of your diamond so we recommend you to do this procedure.

Does Flics International are Moissanite Diamonds Exporter?

Yes, we are a Moissanite Diamonds Exporter. Mainly we are Moissanite Diamonds Manufacturer and after manufacturing done we are doing a shipment of our diamonds in wholesale as well as retails loose diamonds as per customers need.

In which size range you can provide Moissanite Diamond?

While you Buy Moissanite Diamonds size always matters. We can provide you a moissanite diamond from 0.10 Cent to 101 Caret in white color and from 0.10 Cent to 301 Caret single piece diamond in black color.

Are you a Moissanite Rough Supplier?

We are also Moissanite Rough Supplier. You can contact to our support care or fill any inquiry form in this website with the message “I am looking for Moissanite Rough Supplier” and one of our sales executives will be in touch with you.

How can I request to manufacture custom Diamond Shape?

The best part of Flics International is you can request your shape! Just take a picture of what you want to shape in diamonds and we will shape it! We have a very skilled diamond engineer who is able to shape anything you want. Just fill any inquiry form available on the website and we will contact you for your Requirements.

Flics is an international diamonds manufacturer having manufacturing & corporate offices over 9+ countries and serving in the industry from last more than 18 years+



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